Sites Internet et médias mentionnant les coupures:
Web sites/ media talking about RCI cuts include:
Defending Radio Canada International - Canada's Voice to the World
Last update - dernière mise à jour : 2004 – 02 - 16

Amitie Radio
Nous diffusons l'information le plus largement possible et nous demandons à tous les auditeurs de Radio Canada International de réagir après les décisions prises pour réduire les émissions de RCI.

Canada's shortwave presence should be restored without compromise of services, and its funding should be kept secure from other uses.

Asociación Española de Radioescucha (AER)
Lo peor se cierne sobre Radio Canadá Internacional.
RADIO CANADÁ INTERNACIONAL nuevamente ha sido amenazada por los recortes presupuestarios, haciéndola prácticamente inexistente.

Bourque Newswatch – Recent Headlines

Canada News Wire –

RCI Action Commitee - RCI Employees Call for Moratorium on No News Weekends

Canada News Wire -
RCI Cuts This Weekend - RCI Action Committee Condemns Cuts, Releases Letters to Copps and Rabinovitch

Canadian International DX Club
Things are not looking good in the shortwave world right now, what with the developments at RCI here in Montreal. No one expected we'd be faced with these problems again. Please be sure to check out the RCI Action Committee webpage for all the latest news

CBC Bargaining Unit Council of the CEP
The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) is a broad-based trade union representing 140,000 workers across Canada.

CSN - La Confédération des syndicats nationaux
CNTU - Confederation of National Trade Unions

DXing with Cumbre - Hosted by Marie Lamb

Kim Andrew Elliott, Producer and Presenter
Communications World, VOICE OF AMERICA
An "Action Committee" of Radio Canada International employees has been circulating to Internet discussion groups word about impending cuts at RCI...Listen to Communications World…for the details.

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, Site Additions,June, 2001-08-02

GLENN HAUSER'S World of Radio:
[One of the best ways to find out what's going on in shortwave, often mentions RCI and RCI Action Committee.

International Radio Report, Program summary, Sunday, June 3, 2001
Program focuses on RCI Cuts

Melbourne's Weekly Amateur Radio News Service

Montreal Gazette

“Let the world be warned. From now on, Canadian news will only break out on weekdays.” Peggy Curran, Montreal Gazette, May 30, 2001

NASWebLog of North American Shortwave Association

New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal
Radio-Canada staff in Sackville will escape latest cuts: official
“A representative of the RCI Action Committee, fears the cuts are just the tip of the iceberg. “ Lisa Poirier, May 21, 2001
See entire article.

Ottawa Citizen
Cuts `undermine' Radio Canada International
Workers say: CBC brass doesn't understand mandate
by Chris Cobb, The Ottawa Citizen,  31 July 2001
See entire article.

La Presse, Montréal

"Fin des informations de RCI les fins de semaine"
Directeur des communications confirme qu'il y a bel et bien de l'argent additionnel pour le présent exercice financier. Cependant cela ne sera pas le cas l'année prochaine et il est plus sage de faire des coupes dès aujourd'hui... Stéphanie Bérubé, 1 juin 2001,

Prime Time Shortwave Website

Radio Amateurs of Canada

Radio H.F. Internet Newsletter VOL.3 NUMBER 007

Radio Netherlands Media Network - "Savage Cuts at RCI"
So much attention has been focused over the past three weeks on the BBC's decision to cut back on shortwave broadcasts… Yet what is happening at Radio Canada International (RCI) is arguably much more devastating in terms of its impact on the station's output and on its staff.
Analysis by Andy Sennitt.
Don't Panic
- article about BBC cutting shortwave service to North America and Australia
"...different side of the story.."

Radio Visie

Sackville Tribune Post
Jobs Threatened At Sackville RCI Transmitter Plant
Kimberley Johnston, June 27, 2001

Union des Écouteurs Français
Radio Canada International en danger!
Nous vous soutenons. C'est la moindre des choses. Nous préparons une série de petites émissions consacrées à R.C.I. que nous diffuserons sur l'internet sur Radio U.E.F. Daniel Wantz, Président de l'Union des Ecouteurs Français.

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Inter-Union Committee