Update from the new RCI Director

This morning, Helene Parent, RCI’s new director, called staff into her second staff meeting since becoming director December 22, 2010, to update the employees on the latest developments.

She reassured them that the financial situation of the French service of CBC/Radio-Canada (which has responsibility for RCI) was reasonably good, given the context of federal funding which is frozen and rising salaries and expenses.

She confirmed that RCI contract with Sirius Satellite Radio would come to an end on March 31, 2011. The loss of about $500,000 of revenue means that there will be cuts among contractual employees.

She also announced the retirement of Program Director Roger Tetrault at the end of February. Tetrault had been interim RCI director for two years until the arrival of Helene Parent, and was then put back to his former position of Program Director. The position had been abolished when he became interim director.

Tetrault has been with CBC/Radio-Canada (our domestic public broadcaster) for 42 years, and with Radio Canada International since 1982.

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