Budget slashed 80%, shortwave and newsrooms cut

RCI Director Hélène Parent informs staff of the impact of the huge cut to RCI's budget and services, April 4, 2012.

Sad  day at Radio Canada International today (April 4, 2012) as Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster CBC/Radio-Canada announced the impact of budget cutbacks on RCI.

The main points:

Radio Canada International’s $12.2 million dollar budget will be slashed by 10 million, leaving only $2.2 million. [Revised April 5: $12.3 and $2.3 million]

Two thirds of staff will be eliminated, leaving maybe 16, 20 perhaps 25 people.

Newscasts and newsrooms will be eliminated.

Shortwave broadcasting will be dropped, our work will now be limited to the web site.

The Russian service and the Brazilian program eliminated.

It’s being billed as a “transformation” – I think we would use other words. More details soon.

Suggestions, comments, questions welcome at:


We are working on an action plan – should be able to provide details within a few days.

Thanks for your support!

Here’s the latest news and what you can do to help us: http://rciaction.org/blog/2012/05/04/govt-must-step-in-stop-cut-save-radio-canada-international/

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  1. Greetings from the First State!

    I am a broadcast journalist in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.

    I have listened to Radio Canada International since the “old” days — 1966, 1967 — when it was still the “CBC International Service” and offered the “Radio Canada DX Club”.

    Radio-Canada (now Radio Canada International) connected me to Canada from an early age, and allowed me to explore my Canadian roots (My mother was born in Dauphin, Manitoba).

    As a result, I became a Canada-phile from an early age. (I’m 56 today).

    I’d like to think I’ve contributed to the Canadian economy by visiting Canada nearly every summer, even – when driving to the Chicago area from Delaware – taking the “scenic route” through Ontario.

    I also purchase Canadian postage new issues from Post Canada and buy mint Canadian coin sets from the Royal Canadian Mint. Also Canadian beer. And flags. And sample license plates.

    I’m not going to say I would “boycott” Canada if RCI on shortwave disappears, but I’d be tremendously disappointed.

    As a broadcast journalist, listening to RCI has kept me up to speed about Canadian issues. In turn, I’ve occasionally done interviews about Canada even here in Delaware.

    Of course, I can go to Canadian news sources on line, but RCI ties it altogether in such a delightful fashion.

    Please send this e-mail to anyone in the decision-making process. I’d hate to see Canada’s international radio voice silenced, even as China Radio International, KBS World Radio in South Korea, NHK World Radio Japan, even Radio Australia recognize many people around the world don’t have regular access to the Internet.


    Allan Loudell — News Anchor / Reporter / Interviewer / Blogger
    WDEL Radio & http://www.wdel.com
    Delmarva Broadcasting Company
    2727 Shipley Road
    Wilmington, Delaware DE 19810 — U.S.A.

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