Some keep jobs. Most don’t. RCI shutdown – almost!

Facing the reality of job cuts in any workplace is hard enough. When you’re an employee at Radio Canada International – it’s more than a job. It’s more than just a job loss.

Most of us have worked several decades for RCI. It may be an  under appreciated service in Canada. But in the last few weeks, since the April 4 announcement that we would be cut by 80% and stop being a radio station, listeners around the world have rallied to our cause to stop the cuts. They have also told us how much they appreciate what we do, and are astonished that our national public radio and television broadcaster CBC/Radio-Canada would hit us with such a huge budget cut, much more then any other service under their control.

Strangely, even when we say an 80% per cent budget cut, it sounds sort of theoretical. When the letter is given to you that you no longer have a job, that your decades of service to Canada’s Voice to the World are redundant, well, that’s something else.

Today that happened to most of us.

About 15 permanent staff have been told they still have a job, 30 have been told they don’t. Three contractual webmasters will remain, but about 10 to 20 contractual employees (researchers, interviewers, hosts) will lose their jobs. Another 10 or 20 people who fill in for staff will have little or no work.

More importantly to us RCI has been almost made to disappear, no more radio programs, just a website, that is yet to be conceived, with little support. How much three employees in each of the five language services: English, French, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish can do, even with the best of intentions, remains to be seen.

Management is saying we’ll be putting up text, photos, audio, maybe even video. But details are scarce. In fact, that’s the most surprising thing of all. There’s little information on how the website will look or function, there’s no real lead up time to prepare it, we’ll all be busy doing are regular programming until June 24. Then the new website is supposed to be up and running and those of us left, will have to somehow magically make it work.

For those of us who have lost our jobs, the pain on our faces was all too evident. This was not just a job, this was a passion for an institution we believe in.

For those of us who remain, there is the pain of losing our experienced colleagues. There is also the concern about how we will manage.

Next week we are promised a blueprint of the new RCI. Today it’s hard to believe in that future.

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Article by Admin RCI Action Committee Website

Wojtek Gwiazda has been the spokesperson for the RCI Action Committee since 1991. The Committee is supported and funded by the union that represents almost all RCI employees: the Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs de Radio-Canada (STTRC formerly SCRC). E-mail: Read 111 articles by Admin RCI Action Committee Website
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  1. It’s complete madness closing RCI- what are the CBC thinking of? Their loyal audience in Africa and Europe (and I imagine other continents too) simply thrown away for no good reason. I am shocked and appalled at such a foolish move.

    The Link is one of the finest programmes in the world, and to lose that is unforgivable, Canada and the world’s loss of RCI is sadly going to be CRI’s [Admin editor: China Radio International’s] gain…

  2. Mike S says:

    The whole world can’t just go to the Internet too. RCI still provides a whole lot of good will to the rest of the world, especially in marginal places that have a genuine need for impartial news in a medium that doesn’t require wires that could easily be filtered by oppressive regimes. Doesn’t that have any sort of value to them? I really don’t get it.

  3. Ken W. English says:

    Too bad we can’t get these Government officials to take a nice “junket” visit to many of the countries where RCI and others broadcast to.

    They’d be very surprised to find that, not only do their precious cell phones not work well, but that high-speed internet and wireless broadband service are non-existent.

    Too many people in developed countries seem to take their smart-phones and computers for granted, believing that nobody has a need for any other form of communication.

  4. Agide says:

    Solamente la stupidità può portare i dirigenti di RCI e del Governo canadese a decidere la chiusura di una emittente internazionale così importante.
    Oggi va di moda mandare a casa i lavoratori e mantenere aggrappati al loro potere gli alti dirigenti ed i loro ingenti stipendi.
    La chiusura di RCI non è la prima e non sarà l’ultima mossa di coloro che si ostinano a non capire che la Radio è uno strumento indispensabile per portare la notizia in tutti quei luoghi dove le nuove tecnologie non potranno MAI arrivare.
    I lavoratori, i tecnici di RCI hanno la mia totale solidarietà.

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