Chaos on RCI website on last shortwave weekend

"Not Found" is the message many are getting from RCI website this weekend

As Radio Canada International (RCI) broadcasts its last radio programming after 67 years as a broadcaster, the RCI website is in chaos. Apart from the home address no other web addresses for programs or audio links are working.

The only way to find the last programmes of all the services is to go to , enter the language service you want, and then look for the button “AUTRES SAISONS”. That takes you to an archive version of the site, and you should be able to find the latest program.

This change of the website, and the sloppy way that it’s being done, with no re-directs from links people usually use to listen to their favourite programmes is disturbing.

For shortwave listeners, as Kim Andrew Elliott pointed out, the shortwave schedule even in the archive version of the programme has already been taken off!

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  1. Robin says:

    One might expect this kind of activity in a totalitarian state somewhere, but in Canada? What a shame.. not to mention the shame of those in the Canadian government who have been systematically slashing funding for Canada’s national broadcaster (resulting in the silencing of RCI on Radio). Perhaps Canada’s next government will be less short-sighted and move to restore funding to the CBC/RCI.

  2. James F. Borek says:

    About 2: 00 central (3:00) eastern time went to the rci website so I could listen to Masala Canada, and could not find it, only last weeks Maple Leaf Mail bag. Then found a new page which brought 2-3 podcasts of the CBC Program “The Current” it seem I was in an eco chamber. Once I found the Masala Canada featuring an Interview about the internet and how it could be monitored, blocked, but the programed ended with only after a quarter of the programed aired. Did try it again with the same results.

    My question are the individuals running the web-site know what they are doing?
    Another question is will we be able to listen to last Mail Bag program?

    I also do question the new “Reporter for a day” and wonder how many people are willing to do that, but who would wish to go to and read something or a story about outside of Canada.

    I did hear the tearfull good-bye from the last “Link” and felt the same.

    After today I am not likely to return to and would not go to

    There are others websites.

    This ending of RCI is very sad.

    James F. Borek

  3. john vercellino says:

    I discovered that you can get to the schedules by going to and that will get you there. I also posted it on Facebook at the “Maple Leaf Mailbag Rock ‘n Roll Show.”

  4. Deb says:

    I do Agree with both of you (Robin and James F. Borek).
    For 67 years RCI has been country’s voice to the world, broadcasting
    Canada’s view point, culture in different languages.
    It should not be ended in this way.

    Shortwave Radio still plays a vital role in many parts of the world. it is direct. It is simple and cost effective. I personally don’t think any one from outside Canada will go to RCI’s website for collecting information.

    It is really short sighted of Canadian Govt to lose such a valuable listeners from other parts of the world


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