Video of last RCI Russian programme

RCI’s Russian Section, was one of the services totally abolished by the 80% budget cut of Radio Canada International announced on April 4, 2012 by our national public radio and television broadcaster CBC/Radio-Canada.

As the team reminisced about the service, the atmosphere was both melancholy and jovial.

В последней передаче RCI на русском языке сотрудники русской редакции вспоминают своих коллег и золотые времена Международного Канадского радио.


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Article by Admin RCI Action

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  1. Daniel AJ says:

    My Russian is limited, but I loved listenting to Eugene Sokoloff and Juri Bogolepoff. Given the one-sided, Kreml-filtered “information” Russians receive from their own media, it would be very important to have a different, Canadian source available to them. We are in the information age, but, sadly, our government hasn’t understood that yet. They forgo a strategic resource for a comparatively small savings.

    Thank you to everyone who worked on the Russian service of RCI!

    Greetings from Halifax
    Daniel AJ

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