Day 003? Day 004? Like a hamster trapped on a treadmill…

Is it Day 3? Or is it Day 4? Already, it’s becoming a blur.

Like a hamster trapped on a treadmill, with no beginning and no end. Like a factory worker on an assembly line constantly trying to make sure the bolt fits, as another bolt has to be attached. We charge ahead, determined to fill our quota. Determined to prove we’re professionals. Determined to do the best we can for the listeners we’ve left behind on radio, who might still be trying to hear us on our website. Are they? And what about those who no longer have access to our reports and interviews? Will they wait for us to come back? Will they give up on us?

There’s not much time to reflect these days at Radio Canada International. We all have been given quotas for the number of reports and interviews we’re to produce each week. One lone technician is with us, for just this week, to help us figure out how to record our interviews in newly re-designed booths so that there’s no need to have the services of the five technicians that used to work with us.

Meanwhile the “easy” work of finding a photo, copy-pasting a web-link, writing an introduction for the website, that was supposed to take only a few minutes takes a lot longer. For many colleagues this is their first time. It’s sometimes embarrassing. After years of being a radio professional. Of feeling like a professional. It’s grade one, all over again. And having to ask our webmasters, and other colleagues how to do the most basic things. They seem like mountains, but supposedly this is so easy.

With all these extra tasks, there’s less time to concentrate on researching the subjects we’re covering. Less time to talk to our interviewees. Not enough time to get in that last question, because another colleague is waiting outside the booth, desperate to start their interview.

We got a memo Wednesday. That was Day 3, right? And it says they’re going to move us. With just under 20 people, it’s a shame for all this space to go to waste after three-quarters of our colleagues were laid off.

Go to go. Have to work on another report.

What can you do to help us?

Is this how the end looks? One step at a time, Radio Canada International continues to be dismantled. This used to be where the technician sat, the controls in front of him, to record our telephone interviews. A new memo says we'll be moving soon. Guess we're taking up to much space, after all the layoffs.

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  1. David Gagnon says:

    Following your changes closely. Hang in there!

  2. Andi says:

    Interesting article mentioning RCI:

    “The problem is that many ordinary Chinese can’t get online. Right now, the percentage of Chinese with cell phones is high but in the countryside Internet access is relatively low. So I think a lot of these foreign broadcasters are wrong to stop broadcasting in shortwave to China. In the past, we listened regularly to Deutsche Welle, Radio Canada International,….”

  3. Ken W. English says:

    Dear God!
    Please don’t tell me that the “new-and-improved” internet age is going to be without any technicians. We all know how well that works out.

    Click on any news story, on any media website, and you get a story that is almost inaudible, and a commercial that is so loud it blows out your computer speakers.
    Add in some out of phase audio, some nat-sound where the dialog was supposed to be, and a few seconds of mono from only one speaker…..
    You probably get my drift.

    There used to be something called “Broadcast Quality”. I’ll tell my grand-kids about it one day.

  4. Thanks so much for this Andi!

  5. We so agree Ken!

  6. James F. Borek says:

    I tryed to listen to the newest audio links including the new weekly internet only of the “Link” and they all stoped within 5 seconds.

    If anybody from the CBC/SRC is reading this

    The New Version of RCI “DOES NOT MEASURE UP!!!

    and thats putting it nicely.

    James Borek
    Niles, IL USA

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