One photo at a time, to restore radio at Radio Canada International

Please join us in this new project: “RCI – WE WILL NOT ‘REST IN PEACE’ PHOTO PROJECT – RCI, RIP ? NON !

You have been so generous with your time, in reading, and commenting and supporting us. We are now into our fourth (!) week without radio broadcasting. We’re not happy about this. We don’t think you are. Please take a few minutes to read the details here about our project, and then send us your photo.

Many thanks!

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Wojtek Gwiazda has been the spokesperson for the RCI Action Committee since 1991. The Committee is supported and funded by the union that represents almost all RCI employees: the Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs de Radio-Canada (STTRC formerly SCRC). E-mail: Read 111 articles by Admin RCI Action Committee Website
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  1. canuck canadian says:

    I’ve been too upset about RCI to actually think straight to leave a comment. What a pleasure it’s been to listen on sleepless nights. I can’t even express the outrage I feel.

    Just one thing: I am not much of a sports fan, but I was looking forward to hearing your regular sports dude come back after his surgery, for some insightful Olympic coverage. (Hope that went well btw.)(He should be a national women’s soccer team coach!) It also was great fun to listen to the other sports guy and the host break into spontaneous song. lol

    Very nice. Such an interesting and valuable program, all of it.

  2. James F. Borek says:

    No money for RCI but there is money for the next winter and summer Olympics???????

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