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FROM TORONTO SUN – JULY 2, 2012 —–link here—————————————————————-

“The chipping away at Canada continues apace.

“Radio Canada International’s shortwave service was, quite literally, Canada’s voice to the world for nearly 70 years — through wars, through triumphs and disasters, through it all. It has been part of our history. And, now, it’s gone.”

FROM OTTAWA CITIZEN – JUNE 22, 2012—–link here————————————————————

Employees and supporters demonstrate against cutbacks to Radio Canada International

OTTAWA – Unless the CBC rethinks its “utterly reprehensible” decision to eliminate Radio Canada International’s shortwave service, its senior managers will be called to explain the decision to a special Senate inquiry, Conservative Senator Hugh Segal said Thursday.

FROM OTTAWA CITIZEN – JUNE 16, 2012 —–link here————————————————————

“OTTAWA — If CBC carries through with its plan to reduce Radio Canada International from a shortwave radio service to an internet radio station, it will effectively be taking Canada out of international broadcasting, a U.S. broadcast specialist said Saturday.

“Just having a web page or internet presence isn’t enough,” Kim Andrew Elliott told the Citizen. “You can build a website but they will not necessarily come. It’s easy to get lost among the thousands of other internet sites.” ”



FROM OTTAWA CITIZEN – JUNE 15, 2012—-link here————————————————————–

“OTTAWA — In apparent collaboration with the Conservative government, CBC is slashing 80 per cent of Radio Canada’s budget and busting the venerable Voice of Canada international shortwave service down to an Internet radio station.”



FROM CANADIAN PRESS – JUNE 15, 2012 —-link here————————————————————-

“OTTAWA – The Conservative cabinet has quietly changed a rule that could have prevented the CBC from following through on its plan to cut its international shortwave radio service.

“Supporters of Radio Canada International, which faces a near fatal 80-per-cent budget cut from the CBC, say that amounts to the government essentially ending all uncensored Canadian broadcasts to places like China and Russia.”



FROM NETWORK/TORONTO STAR – MAY1, 2012 —-link here———————————————————–

“Even from the relative distance of the United States, it’s painful to witness the brutal gagging of the broadest-reaching voice of Canadian international diplomacy.

“The recently announced cuts to the CBC have garnered considerable press. However, what has not received sufficient press is the story of the cuts which threaten the very existence of Radio Canada International.”

HEADLINES AND LINKS—————————————————————————————————–

Toronto Sun – July 2, 2012 – Killing CBC shortwave service was shortsighted

Washington Post – June 26, 2012 – Radio Canada International: Budget cuts take their toll [Video]

J-Source – June 25, 2012 – Radio Canada International goes off-air, moving online-only after 67 years of shortwave service

Ottawa Citizen – June 22, 2012 – Tory senator wants CBC called on carpet for slashing shortwave service

Montreal Gazette – June 22, 2012 – Odd decision silences Canada’s international radio voice

Le Devoir – Juin 21, 2012 – Sale temps pour RCI – Radio Canada international sort des ondes

Ottawa Citizen – June 16, 2012 – Web-only presence for RCI a shortsighted decision, says American broadcast expert

Huffington Post – June 15, 2012 – Radio Canada International: Cabinet Cuts Protection For CBC’s Shortwave Radio Service

98.5 – Juin 15, 2012 – Le cabinet conservateur a voté un décret pour permettre les coupes à RCI

Ottawa Citizen – June 15, 2012 – Cuts to silence radio’s Voice of Canada broadcast

Canadian Press – June 15, 2012 – Cabinet cuts shortwave radio protection, sparking concern from doomed service–159240595.html

Toronto Star – May 1, 2012 – The Terrible Cost Of Cutting International Radio

Montreal Gazette – April 15, 2012 – CBC cuts gut cherished Radio Canada International


The Economist – July 7, 2012 – Short-wave radio – Tuning out – A cold-war stalwart goes out of fashion

BBG Watch – June 28, 2012 – Chen Guangcheng – Foreign broadcasters are wrong to stop broadcasting in shortwave to China

New York Review of Books – June 26, 2012 – ‘Pressure for Change is at the Grassroots’: An Interview with Chen Guangcheng

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